Champagne / Sparkling Wines:

Champagne/Sparkling Wine - white sparkling wine. Very dry (Natural), dry (brut), slightly sweet (extra Dry), sweet (sec and Demi-Sec). Sparkling wines can also be identified as Blanc de Blancs, wines made from white grapes, or Blanc de Noirs, wines produced from red grapes.

White Wine:

Sauvignon Blanc - Sauvignon Blanc (Fume Balnc) - white wine. Herbal and grass-like flavours. Goes well with fish and shellfish.

Pinot Gris - Pinot Grigio - white wine. Pear and spicy-cake flavours with low acidity.

Chardonnay - white wine. Goes well with fish, poultry and cheeses.

Muscat - white wine. Grape flavoured spicy flowery wine. Goes well with puddings and chocolate.

Gewurztraminer - white wine. Quite strong tasting wine goes well with Indian and spicy foods.

Riesling - white wine. Flowery aroma and taste of peaches or apricots. Goes well with duck and pork.

Red Wine:

Pinot Noir - red wine. Rich flavour, earthy. Less tannin than Cabernet Sauvignon.

Zinfandel red wine. Berry and spicy flavours. Goes well with spicy meat dishes.

Syrah (Shiraz) - red wine.

Petite Sirah - red wine. Peppery flavour. Goes well with red meat dishes.

Merlot - red wine. Full bodies wine with often flowery taste.

Cabernet Sauvignon - red wine. Ages well. Good depth of flavour.

"Wine is Bottled Poetry" - Robert Louis Stevenson