Wine Producing Countries:

Which countries produce and export wine?

The table below show the most important wine producing countries in the world. The wine production data is from 2005 and is supplied by The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO).

1	 France	5,329,449 tonnes of wine
2	 Italy	5,056,648 tonnes of wine
3	 Spain	3,934,140 tonnes of wine
4	 United States	2,232,000 tonnes of wine
5	 Argentina	1,564,000 tonnes of wine
6	 China	1,300,000 tonnes of wine
7	 Australia	1,274,000 tonnes of wine
8	 South Africa	1,157,895 tonnes of wine
9	 Germany	1,014,700 tonnes of wine
10	 Chile	788,551 tonnes of wine
11	 Portugal	576,500 tonnes of wine
12	 Romania	575,000 tonnes of wine
13	 Russia	512,000 tonnes of wine
14	 Hungary	485,000 tonnes of wine
15	 Greece	437,178 tonnes of wine

As you can see, in 2005, France was the biggest producer of wine, but only slightly producing more that year than Italy.

If you take the wine production of France and Italy in total for 2005, it is almost equal to the total production of wine from the next five important wine producing countries in the list.

The United Kingdom was 63rd in the world as a wine producing region in 2005 and produced 1,450 tonnes of wine.

Japan was 28th in the list in 2005, and produced 98,000 tonnes of wine.

"Wine is Bottled Poetry" - Robert Louis Stevenson