Welcome to the eCask Wine Pages:

For the love of wine

This site celebrates wine in all its forms, red wine (my favourite), white wine and sparkling wines including champagne.

Here I have gathered together wine resources to help understand and value, and most importantly, enjoy wine.

There is a wine glossary which explains the language of wine and wine tasting.

You can find out information on wine regions, wine bottles and sizes, grape varietals used for making wine, wine health and I have even added pages of my favourite wine poetry.

If you would like to see what famous people have said about wine, visit the wine quotes page. A lot of people had a lot to say about wine!

I am gradually adding wine photographs to the pages of ecask. You are welcome to use the wine photographs in your own projects - please acknowledge Ecask with an active hyperlink back - thanks.

There have been some health studies published that suggest wine drinking in moderation can be protective of the heart. One or two small glasses of wine a day (maximum) can have beneficial effects and lower your chance of heart disease. It seems that red wine may be more beneficial than white wine, but the key in any case, is moderation. Too much wine, red or white, can harm your health in other ways.

Also there are studies that red wine can prevent cancer, read more about that here.

I often enjoy a glass of red wine, a piece of rich and ripe cheese, and some good bread - perfection! See the wine photographs for more wine and food ideas.

I'm always on the look out for a good wine, red or white, though my own preferred favourite tipple is red wine.

Last, but by no means least, drink healthily - don't overdo your drinking, and ........ enjoy wine!

"Wine is Bottled Poetry" - Robert Louis Stevenson